It has been eight years since the original lineup of local metal band Severed Few has graced a stage before raucous fans.

That all changes at 8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 23, as the band made up of three Centralia High School graduates and longtime friends will perform at Flood Valley Brewing in Chehalis for a free, one-night-only show.

“The timing is right,” said Robert Potvin, who handles guitar and vocals for the group. “We wanted to focus on the original lineup too because that was a fan favorite, I guess you can say.”

Along with Potvin, the band also includes drummer Aaron Snideman, a longtime friend and collaborator of Potvin. The pair has produced music and played for fun outside the boundaries of Severed Few since it disbanded around 2013.

The real treat is the return of bassist Adam Justice, who is flying in from Texas to take the stage with his old friends for the one-night-only event. He had performed with the band before departing in 2010. He hasn’t played with the group since then.

“He’s flying up for the holiday season,” Potvin said. “We asked, ‘Want to do a one-time show and blow everyone’s mind?’ He said, ‘of course.’”

Potvin describes the band’s sound as Pantera meets Metallica meets Black Label, with a leaning toward heavy metal elements.

It’s a sound that earned Severed Few the top finish at a Battle of the Bands in Seattle back in 2007, a time when a reviewer described the band as such: “Severed Fews music is hard-core, heavy-metal guitar riffs, incorporated with the feel-good of classic rock, the sway of southern rock, thrown in with a blues scale and a hard-core groove. Potvin’s head-banging, hair-flying style coupled with his fingers-of-fury guitar playing ability help make a Severed Few concert a high-energy, fun-filled event.”

At the Battle of the Bands event, Severed Few outperformed fellow contestants who were all based in the Seattle and Tacoma area, bringing new status and accomplishment with them back to the Twin Cities.

The band did so without vocals, depending completely on instrumentals.

These days, Potvin handles the microphone in addition to his status as the band’s guitarist.

He said the idea for a reunion is bolstered by the venue, Flood Valley Brewing, which is owned by fellow Centralia native chris Rohr. Potvin recalled riding the bus with Rohr in school. He long wanted to perform at Rohr’s previous location at the former Matrix Coffeehouse, and now he’s amped to perform at the new location at 289 NW Chehalis Ave.

Potvin said the band and business are not charging at the door because, “I don’t want to deal with the money … Just playing some badass tunes.”

To hear some of Severed Few’s music, visit The band also has a page on Facebook.

The free show starts at 8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 23, at Flood Valley Brewing.