Openness with your family is important.

If you want to inform your parents that you smoke the devil’s lettuce you should consider several things first, like why you want to talk to them, why marijuana is important to you, and how they might respond.

With a little thought and research, you can easily show them that weed, when used responsibly, is a safe and worthwhile leisure activity.

Preparing to Discuss

    1. Gauge your parent’s acceptance of marijuana in general through leading questions. Whenever the subject comes up, do your parents comment on it, either positively or negatively? If you mention that a friend or acquaintance of yours smokes marijuana, how do they react? See if you can bring up the conversation organically and let your parents talk and think about their relationship with marijuana before you tell them you smoke. Some ideas include:
      • “Our state already legalized marijuana.”
      • “It’s crazy how accepted marijuana has become in just the past 5-10 years, right?”
      • “Growing up, did you ever imagine people would be able to buy weed in a store?”
    2. Consider why you smoke marijuana, and what benefits you get from it. The best policy is the truth, even if the truth is simply that you enjoy smoking marijuana. Most people use weed for a combination of two things — medicine and/or recreational inebriate. Know your own reasons for smoking to make communicating with your parents easier than simply saying “I like it.” Some of the reasons to smoke include:
      • It helps lower or lessen anxiety and stress.
      • It stokes your creative side.
      • It eases chronic aches, pains, and sores.
    3. Look into your state’s laws about cannabis usage. Do you live in a state with completely legal weed, medical marijuana only, or a complete ban on the substance? This is an important point to note when talking to your parents, as one of their primary concerns is almost always legality. Currently, 25 states and Washington, D.C. have passed some form of legalization, The states where marijuana is completely legal for all adults are:
      • Colorado
      • Washington
      • Oregon
      • Alaska
      • California
      • Washington D.C

      Or you could just move to Canada where this month it was legalized across the country.

    4. Ask yourself what you’d like to get out of this conversation. Knowing why you want to tell your parents will give you the courage to speak and help guide your words. Do you just want to open up to them, or do you want permission to smoke near them? Do you need help getting a medical card, or do you want to let them know your choices before you get caught awkwardly?
      • What is compelling you to tell your parents? Whatever it is, you should let them know. No matter their response, letting them know that you felt it important to talk to them shows your trust and openness.
    5. Wait to talk until a calm, quiet moment when everyone is in a decent mood.There is no sense trying to talk to them when tensions are high or people are busy. Be patient, and wait until a calm moment, like after dinner, when everyone is in a good mood and you can be sure of a reasonable, less-stressful conversation.
      • Of course, you may not have the luxury of waiting if you get caught smoking. That said, you can also wait and re-introduce the topic several days later, after the anger has passed, if you still have more to say.
    6. Do some research on current trends towards marijuana acceptance and legality. Every week, new studies and stances on marijuana are coming out, and almost all of them are positive. Current attitudes on marijuana are based on Schedule I drug classifications, which claim marijuana is just as dangerous as heroin and cocaine, and cannot even be researched. But international studies, as well as calls in the U.S. to end the Schedule I designation, are poking through the marijuana myths all the time. Before chatting, go online and see what news is new.

    — Source: wikiHow